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Feeding time Sparrows, Goldfinches & Long Tailed Tits

Recording sightings of Tree Sparrows

Tree Sparrow © Simon Phillpotts

Reporting sightings – wherever and whenever you see tree sparrows let us know, if you can get photo’s they will help confirm identification and the more detail you can provide the better e.g. how many, feeding, nesting, in trees, at a feeder etc.

Whilst we are specifically interested in tree sparrows for this project please do record your sightings of other species as this helps to build a picture of what birds are where in the national park.

If you would rather use another method for recording your sightings then the bird recording scheme ‘Birdtrack’ would be a good alternative. This is the link to the recording scheme

Sightings can also be recorded on iSpot.

Contact: Mark Hewitt, Wildlife Conservation Officer 01756 751624