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Orton Roadside Verges Project Rainbow of colours

Wildlife Projects

These pages include details of a range of exciting conservation projects currently taking place in the Yorkshire Dales National Park. This ranges from the community-led to the landscape-scale and from survey and monitoring to habitat restoration and creation.

The information includes why the project was needed, its aims, achievements to date and who is involved. The projects represent many organisations, farmers and voluntary groups working together with a common cause.

  • Bats in the Dales: Mapping Project
  • Breeding Bird Survey
  • Bryophyte recording
  • Haytime Project
  • Malham Tarn NNR – Conservation and Monitoring
  • Managing ancient semi-natural woodland
  • Upper Wharfe Restoration Project
  • Yorkshire Peat Partnership
  • Tree Sparrows in the Dales
  • Breeding Waders in the National Park
  • Orton roadside special verges