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Coniferous plantation Credit: Robyn Guppy

Coniferous woodland

‘Conifer’ means ‘cone-bearing’. Coniferous woods are comprised mainly of non-native evergreen trees with needle-like leaves such as Douglas Fir and Sitka Spruce. European Larch is commonly planted too but this sheds its needles in winter.

The only three coniferous trees thought to be native in the UK are Scots Pine, Juniper and Yew. All are found in the Dales, although most of the Scots Pine is probably planted.

Coniferous woodland is important in the Yorkshire Dales as a habitat that favours the iconic Red Squirrel. Black Grouse also like to frequent the edge of coniferous plantations bordering onto moorland.


Red Squirrel

Sciurus vulgaris

Family: Sciuridae

Black grouse sitting on some dried grass

Black Grouse

Tetrao tetrix

Family: Tetraonidae