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Bainbridge, Wensleydale View of Bainbridge from the village green

Town & Village

The human population of the National Park stopped growing in 2009 after continuous expansion since 1970. It reached a peak of 24,200 people in 2008 and is now stable at around 23,400. The most populous parish in the National Park is Sedbergh with 2,765 residents in 2011.

Sedbergh is home to Sedbergh Community Swifts group that aims to conserve the Swift, a remarkable bird whose acrobatic screaming parties are a wonderful sight and sound in early summer. Swifts spend almost their entire life in the air – eating, drinking and sleeping on the wing – but sadly they are in serious decline. Sedbergh Community Swifts group and YDNPA have joined forces to find out where Swifts occur in the National Park – see here.

Sedbergh Community Swifts is one of many groups working on conservation projects that have benefitted from a grant from YDNPA. For details of grants available and what they have enabled see: