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Hay meadow, Walden Credit: Ken Readshaw


From the fell tops to the caves beneath our feet, the varied landscape of the Yorkshire Dales National Park contains many different natural and ‘semi-natural’ habitats – that is, habitats that to a greater or lesser degree have been modified by the activities of humans.  The patchwork of these habitats across the Dales provides the shelter and food for the Dales’ precious wildlife.

The Nature Recovery Plan for the Yorkshire Dales National Park outlines a plan for nature recovery across the Dales, and identifies targets for the creation, enhancement, restoration and protection of specific habitats.

Supporting farmers and landowners to restore and manage priority habitats in the National Park is one of the objectives agreed by the Authority. It was also agreed by a wide range of local partner organisations in the National Park Management Plan 2019-24.

‘In this section’ you can find information about some of the important habitats that can be found in the Dales and what is being done to maintain them in good condition.

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