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Late Spring walk in Wensleydale Looking across the valley to the village of Bainbridge

The new Management Plan 2025-2029

National Park Authorities are under a statutory duty to review National Park Management Plans at intervals of not more than 5 years.

The aim of the Yorkshire Dales National Park Management Plan Partnership is to produce an updated Plan by March 2025.

As work progresses we will provide updates and make available any relevant documents.

Evidence Reports

Reports and information

  • The first public consultation was launched on 15 January 2024, and ran for a period of 6 weeks. Over 1,100 responses were received, of which 50% were from people indicating they live or work in the National Park. The consultation asked people to identify the top 6 most important issues they thought the updated Plan would need to tackle (from a choice of 18). People were also asked to identify any other issues they thought were important. The results can be seen on the link below.