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West Burton Primary School Lower Wensleydale

F3 – Access to services

Retain access to services – like primary schools and GP surgeries – that are essential to the long-term viability of local communities, using the four main service ‘hubs’ (Grassington, Hawes, Reeth and Sedbergh) and their surrounding ‘spoke’ settlements to create economies of scale.

How the local partners are doing on this objective

Progress: Consultations with providers and wider stakeholders have continued into the identification of sustainable locations for new housing intended to meet needs and support services, particularly in the hub settlements.

Rationale:  The long-term viability of local communities depends in part on retaining access to key services, especially for families.  The objective is to maintain access to quality services by using the four main settlements inside the Park collectively with their surrounding service village hinterlands, to offer economies of scale and a choice of locations for new and existing facilities.  The aim is for these ‘service hubs’ to be able to compete with the surrounding towns to retain and attract households and, thereby’ avoid the further loss of critical services.

Lead partnerNorth Yorkshire Council; Westmorland & Furness Council

Supporting partnersNorth Yorkshire Council; Westmorland & Furness Council; Lancashire County Council; Parish Councils; Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority; York, North Yorkshire & East Riding Local Enterprise Partnership; Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership;

Further information:  n/a

Cost over 5 years:  n/a

Funding shortfall:   n/a

Related objectivesE1; E2, E3, E5; E7,E8; E9; F1; F2; F4; F6; F7

Ecosystem services:    None

Trade-offs:    New infrastructure will have impacts on the environment and existing amenities of the National Park. These will be identified and moderated through the application of the policies set out in the Yorkshire Dales Local Plan

Baseline: Settlement survey data.