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New Housing at West Witton

F1 – Housing

Support the completion of 400 dwellings in a range of tenures, sizes, types and prices, by 2024.

How the local partners are doing on this objective

Progress: New permissions were granted for 62 dwellings in 2022/23, taking the total to 430. 55 dwellings were completed in 2022/23 taking the cumulative total to 262.

Press Releases and related articles:

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4 July 2023 – Broadacres: ‘Yorkshire Dales affordable homes close to completion’

8 August 2022 – ‘Good news’ on housing completions

15 June 2021 – Largest town to get larger: new homes for Sedbergh

9 February 2021 – Affordable homes and 5G mast approved

10 August 2020 – Second consultation opens on Local Plan

Rationale: 400 dwellings represents six years of the Yorkshire Dales Local Plan housing target, adjusted pro rata for the larger area of the extended National Park.  It is an ambitious figure – well above the ‘objectively assessed need’ for housing in the National Park.  Setting an ambitious target is considered necessary to try to retain viable communities living in the National Park.  Delivery will be challenging as developable land is almost wholly privately owned, is not freely available or commands unrealistic expectations of value.  A range of housing types and tenures are needed but the focus remains on trying to deliver housing that is affordable and/or otherwise satisfies local needs.

Lead partnersNorth Yorkshire Council; Westmorland & Furness Council; Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority;

Supporting partners: Housing Associations; North Yorkshire Council; Westmorland & Furness Council; Lancashire County Council; Upper Dales Community Partnership; Parish Councils

Further information:     YDNPA – Supporting new housing

Cost over 5 years:    £48,700,000

Funding shortfall:    £26,200,000

Related objectives:   A9; E8; E9; F2; F3; F5

Ecosystem services:  None

Trade-offs: Delivery of the target will rely on sites that already have planning permission or are allocated in the Local Plan. These sites have already been assessed and found to be acceptable in terms of their impacts.  Further land will need to be made available and will be subjected to the same processes to ensure that impacts are mitigated or reduced, using the policies set out in the Yorkshire Dales Local Plan.

Baseline: 0