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Affordable housing at Garrs End Lane, Grassington - Credit: Stephen Garnett Photography

E8 – Economic Development Project

Deliver at least one significant economic development project in each of Craven, Eden, Richmondshire and South Lakeland, and increase the number and quality of jobs so as to increase gross value added (GVA) by 10% by 2024.

How the local partners are doing on this objective

Progress: The former Craven District Council completed the first phase of business development at the Langcliffe Quarry site for a variety of employment uses, and the development was officially opened in January 2023.

Press Releases & related articles:

10 August 2020 – Second consultation opens on Local Plan

Rationale: Farming and tourism are fundamental to the National Park but are relatively low wage, low added value sectors.  There are 12 allocated business sites in the Yorkshire Dales Local Plan, which provide the opportunity for significant new economic development.  While there are proposals under consideration for several sites, they are small in regional terms and struggle to attract investment to make development viable.  Broader business growth is likely to be heavily dependent on better broadband (objective E1) to support small and micro-businesses attracted by local quality of life.

Lead partnersNorth Yorkshire Council; Westmorland & Furness Council

Supporting partnersCumbria Local Enterprise Partnership; York, North Yorkshire & East Riding Local Enterprise Partnership; Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority;

Further information:  North Yorkshire LEP;        

Cost over 5 years:      £4,000,000

Funding shortfall:     £4,000,000

Related objectives:    E1, E2; E3; E9; F2, F5

Ecosystem services:    Sense of place and inspiration, Sense of history

Trade-offs:    The Local Plan’s allocated business development sites are the most likely candidates for delivering significant job and economic growth.  These sites have already been screened for constraints and guidelines for their development are set out in the Yorkshire Dales Local Plan (Policy BE1 and Appendix 3)

Baseline: Employment-based GVA was £400 million in 2016.