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Woody debris dam and new woodland planting Swarthghyll

E4 – Sustainable Land Management audit

How are we doing on this objective

By 2020 undertake a costed audit of the public benefits of sustainable land management, and use it to support an increase in the total level of funding to support farmers and landowners undertaking that management

Progress: The audit will be carried out during 2020.

Rationale: This goes to the heart of sustaining a viable agricultural economy in the context of the National Park’s special qualities.  It attempts to provide further evidence to support the concept of payments for ‘ecosystem services’, whereby those who manage and farm the land are properly rewarded for the full range of public benefits that ‘high nature value’ farming can provide.  This will, increasingly, include private sector ‘payments for ecosystem services’, alongside public sector investment (so-called ‘blended finance’).

Lead partner:  Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority;

Supporting partners:  Natural England; Forestry Commission; Environment Agency;  Dales Farmer Network;  Yorkshire Dales Farming & Land Management Forum

Further information:

Cost over 5 years: £100,000

Funding shortfall:  None

Related objectives:   A3; A6; A8; A9; C1; C2; C3; D1; D3; D5; E9

Ecosystem services:  None directly

Trade-offs:   None

Baseline: No audit.