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Reducing road haulage Quarry train

D4 – Reducing road haulage

Create a railhead at Horton Quarry and continue other measures to reduce road haulage limits from quarries by 50% compared to 2011.

How are we doing on this objective

Progress: 2020 saw road haulage limits reduced by a further 12% thanks to the second phase of reductions at Swinden Quarry. Overall, road haulage limits are now 36% lower than in 2011.

Rationale:  Road haulage is generally agreed to be the most harmful remaining impact of the 5 large aggregate quarries in the National Park. Good progress has previously been made through Tarmac installing a new rail siding in 2016 to serve Arcow and Dry Rigg quarries – reducing road haulage in Ribblesdale by 35%. Significant opportunities remain at Horton Quarry, which has permission to operate until 2042.

Lead partners:  Hanson; Tarmac

Supporting partners:  Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority; Freight Quality Partnership; North Yorkshire County Council; Cumbria County Council; Lancashire County Council;

Further information:   n/a       

Cost over 5 years:     n/a

Funding shortfall:    n/a

Related objectives:   A2; E5

Ecosystem services:    Tranquillity; Climate regulation

Trade-offs:    Creation of a new railhead will have some short- and long-term impacts on the landscape.  These impacts will be minimised and mitigated through application of the range of policies set out in the Yorkshire Dales Local Plan.

Baseline: 2011 annual road haulage limit = 2.75 m tonnes. 2017 limit was £2.3 m tonnes