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Payment by results training day The YDNPA Farming team talk to farmers at Thornton Rust, Wensleydale

C4 – ‘Payment by results’

Work with farmers in Wensleydale to demonstrate the benefit of ‘high nature value’, low-input farm systems through a 5-year trial of a ‘payment by results’ approach to agri-environment funding.

How the local partners are doing on this objective

Progress: The National Park Authority and Natural England completed the final year of the 5-year national trial in Wensleydale in 2021. The project worked with 18 farms to demonstrate how a ‘payment by results’ approach could improve outcomes for species-rich haymeadows and breeding wading birds, like Curlew. A final report was produced for Defra to help inform the development of the new national Environmental Land Management (ELM) schemes.

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Rationale: There is strong support amongst farmers and conservation groups to develop a new, more collaborative approach that rewards farmers for the environmental outcomes they deliver rather than for following detailed prescriptions.  A 2-year, EU-funded, national pilot for this approach in the uplands ran on 19 farms in Wensleydale from 2016-2018.  Defra is now funding an extension to that pilot for a further 3 years to provide more robust evidence of environmental benefits and costs.  The National Trust is also trialling similar approaches to support some of its tenants in the National Park.

Lead partner:  Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority; Natural England;

Supporting partners:  National Trust; Northern Hill Farming Panel; Northern Upland Chain Local Nature Partnership; Yorkshire Dales Farming & Land Management Forum

Further information:; YDNPA – Results Based Agri-environment Payment Scheme

Cost over 5 years:     £400,000

Funding shortfall:    £200,000 

Related objectives:    A8; C1; C2

Ecosystem services:    Biodiversity; Pollination; A sense of place and inspiration

Trade-offs:    None

Baseline: First 2 years of trial completed in December 2018.