Volunteers Fixing a gate

B7 – Volunteer days

How are we doing on this objective

B7.   Give people from all backgrounds an opportunity to enjoy and contribute to the National Park by providing at least 7,000 volunteer days per year, with 15% coming from under-represented groups

Rationale: The input of volunteers is critical to achieving many of the other objectives of the National Park Management Plan, and to the work of many local organisations.  This objective would increase levels of volunteering (currently 5,500 days per year) in line with the increase in the size of the National Park, and with a higher percentage coming from under-represented groups.

Lead partner:  Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority

Supporting partners:  Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust; National Trust

Further information:  YDNPA website

Cost over 5 years: £1,000,000

Funding shortfall:   None

Related objectives: B1; B4; B5; C2; D2

Ecosystem services: Recreation; Sense of place and inspiration; Sense of history; Biodiversity.

Trade-offs: None

Baseline: 7,001 days provided in 2017/18, of which 1,212 days (17%) from under-represented groups

Progress: Over 9,000 volunteer days were provided by YDNPA (7,778) and YDMT (1,273), with 17% of those taking part coming from under-represented groups.

‘State of the Park’ indicator – YES