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Guided Walk Threshfield quarry

B6 – Inspirational, participatory activities

Run a cohesive programme of inspirational, participatory activities that attract at least 4,000 people each year to find out more about the National Park’s special qualities.

How are we doing on this objective

Progress: More than 4,500 people took part in activities in 2019/20, including 680 on guided walks, 802 at Go Wild / family days and 3,136 attendees at Dark Skies events.

Rationale: The programme is focused on providing people with opportunities to discover and learn about the Yorkshire Dales National Park – to share the story.  This objective brings together the range of events run by the National Park Authority for the public, including: tourism events; National Park Visitor Centres; volunteer-led guided walks; specialist walks; and, events at the Dales Countryside Museum.

Lead partner:  Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority

Supporting partners: Dales Tourism Network; Friends of Dales Countryside Museum

Further information:  YDNPA – Our guided walks; YDNPA – Go Wild!; Dark Skies Festival; DCM events;

Cost over 5 years: £100,000

Funding shortfall:   None

Related objectives: E2; E6

Ecosystem services: Recreation

Trade-offs:    None