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Young Rangers Working at the Hoffman Kiln

B5 – Educational & skills-based activities

Through educational and skills-based activities inspire 3,000 young people from in and around the National Park to explore and enhance their environment each year.

How are we doing on this objective

Progress: In November 2021, this objective was scaled back from 6,000 young people to 3,000 young people. Almost all planned activities were initially cancelled for 2020/21, however, through on-line sessions and some physical visits to schools, collectively we (YDNPA/YDMT) provided activities for almost 2,000 schoolchildren.

Rationale: Connecting young people with nature is key theme of Defra’s ‘8-Point Plan for National Parks’.  The recently-launched ‘25 Year Environment Plan’ set a national target for English National Park Authorities to double the number of schoolchildren they engage with directly each year, from 60,000 to 120,000.  There are a number of organisations who deliver education visits and skills based activities in the National Park, including the Field Studies Council; National Trust, and Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust through their Green Futures project, which runs until 2021.  Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority is developing a new project National Park Curriculum and Careers, working with teachers to help them inspire their students about the National Park.

Lead partner:  Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority;

Supporting partners:  Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust; Field Studies Council; National Trust

Further information:  Field Studies Council (Malham Tarn), Green Futures, Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority

Cost over 5 years:  £3,000,000

Funding shortfall:   None

Related objectives: B4; B6; B7; F6

Ecosystem services: Biodiversity; Sense of place and inspiration

Trade-offs: None