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Touchstone at Janet’s Foss by Kiri Wood

B4 – Under-represented groups

By 2024 provide 6,000 people from under-represented groups with activity days that enable them to access the special qualities of the National Park, and so increase their understanding, enjoyment, health and well-being.

How the local partners are doing on this objective

Progress: During 2022/23, 1,736 activity days were provided for people from under-represented groups taking the cumulative total of activity days so far to 4,863.

Press Releases & Related articles:

12 October 2023 – Green Routes Scheme Will ‘Educate, Empower and Encourage’ Young People

Rationale: Defra’s ‘8 Point Plan for National Parks’ aims to make them accessible for everyone.  The Local Access Forum has long recognised that there are large sections of our surrounding communities that do not access the Park, and will not do so unless support is given through organised visits. This can include people with disabilities, people from minority ethnic groups and older people with physical or mental difficulties.  There are also people within the National Park that need this kind of support to appreciate the place where they live.  The Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust provides around 700 opportunities per year, and Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority’s Dales Experience programme provides 600, with the remainder coming from the National Trust and others.

Lead partner: Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust; Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority

Supporting partners:  National Trust; Public Health England; Sport England; British Association for Shooting Conservation

Further information:   YDNPA – Dales Experience; People and the Dales

Cost over 5 years:  £500,000

Funding shortfall: None  

Related objectives:  B3; B5; E2; F6; F7

Ecosystem services:  Recreation

Trade-offs:   Potential conflicts with e.g. retaining tranquillity are managed through the policies set out in the Special Qualities, Special Experiences document.

Baseline: 0 at 31 March 2018