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Grimwith Reservoir Grimwith Reservoir is one of the Yorkshire Dales' hidden gems tucked away off the road between Grassington and Pateley Bridge.

B3 – Access for all

Carry out works to improve access on appropriate public rights of way and established permissive routes, so that 262km (10%) are suitable for users of all ages and abilities by 2024.

How the local partners are doing on this objective

Progress: A further 18km of routes have been identified as accessible in 2023/24, taking the current total to 266km (10.1%) that are suitable for users of all ages and abilities.

Press Releases & related articles:

21 February 2023Access ‘certainly improving’ for disabled people

Rationale: The Local Access Forum considers the access improvements that have taken place in the last 5 years to be one of the success stories from the last National Park Management Plan. The objective would increase the proportion of the network available to a wide range of users (currently 6.5% following the extension of the Park boundary) by improving around 100km of routes.  In recent years there has been a step change in the equipment available to help increase the accessibility of the rights of way network overall.

Lead partner:  Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority

Supporting partners:  Yorkshire Dales Farming & Land Management Forum; Experience Community; Access the Dales; Westmorland & Furness Council

Further information:   YDNPA – Access for All       

Cost over 5 years:              £100,000

Funding shortfall:               None

Related objectives:            B1; B2; B4;

Ecosystem services: Recreation

Trade-offs:   Potential impacts on landscape character (A3) are through the principles set out in Special Qualities, Special Experiences.

Baseline: 170 km of routes suitable for users of all ages and abilities (March 2018)

‘State of the Park’ indicator – YES