Grimwith Reservoir Grimwith Reservoir is one of the Yorkshire Dales' hidden gems tucked away off the road between Grassington and Pateley Bridge.

B3 – Users of all ages and abilities

How are we doing on this objective

B3.   Carry out works to improve access on appropriate public rights of way and established permissive routes, so that 262km (10%) are suitable for users of all ages and abilities by 2024.

Rationale: The Local Access Forum considers the access improvements that have taken place in the last 5 years to be one of the success stories from the last National Park Management Plan. The objective would increase the proportion of the network available to a wide range of users (currently 6.5% following the extension of the Park boundary) by improving around 100km of routes.  In recent years there has been a step change in the equipment available to help increase the accessibility of the rights of way network overall.

Lead partner:  Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority

Supporting partners:  Yorkshire Dales Farming & Land Management Forum; Experience Community; Access the Dales; Cumbria County Council

Further information:   YDNPA       

Cost over 5 years:              £100,000

Funding shortfall:               None

Related objectives:            B1; B2; B4;

Ecosystem services: Recreation

Trade-offs:   Potential impacts on landscape character (A3) are through the principles set out in Special Qualities, Special Experiences.

Baseline: 170 km of routes suitable for users of all ages and abilities (March 2018)

Progress: Through an audit of the new area of the national park a further 18km of routes have been identified as being suitable for all users taking the total to 198km.

‘State of the Park’ indicator – YES