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Belted Galloways in the Yorkshire Dales

B11 – Farm & estate ‘open day’ programme

Develop and launch an annual farm and estate ‘open day’ programme by 2022, to enable more people to experience and understand the roles that farming, food production, woodland and moorland management play in looking after the distinctive landscape of the Yorkshire Dales National Park

How the local partners are doing on this objective

Progress: In 2022, the farm open day programme was launched with 2 YDNPA-led open farm days undertaken and The Farmer Network leading a further 2 open farm days in the Westmorland area. The programme is being further developed in 2023.

Press Releases & related articles:

30 August 2022 – Dales dairy farm welcomes public

Rationale: 95% of the National Park is in private ownership.  Farming and sporting uses are responsible for the way that the National Park is managed.  Many of the important habitats – heather moorland; hay meadows – would not exist without that management.  Yet the general public has little understanding of – nor the opportunity to experience – this farming life.  Wider public support will be essential to secure future taxpayer funding to support high-nature value farming and land management.

Lead partner:  Dales Farmer Network

Supporting partners:  Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority; Northern Hill Farming Panel; Yorkshire Dales Farming & Land Management Forum; Yorkshire Dales Moorland Group; British Association for Shooting and Conservation.

Further information:          

Cost over 5 years:  £25,000

Funding shortfall:   n/a

Related objectives: A1; C1; E2; E9

Ecosystem services:   Recreation; A sense of history

Trade-offs:    None

Baseline: n/a