Operation Byway Stake Road 'Green Lane'

B10 – Green lanes

How are we doing on this objective

B10. Maintain ‘green lanes’ and, where appropriate, manage use by recreational motor vehicles, including enforcing any restrictions imposed by Traffic Regulation Orders.

Rationale: The use of byways and unsurfaced unclassified roads by recreational motor vehicles is not as contentious an issue as it once was.  However, the Yorkshire Dales Local Access Forum firmly believes that it is only through continued careful monitoring, management and maintenance that the current stable situation will be sustained.

Lead partner:  Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority

Supporting partners: North Yorkshire County Council; Cumbria County Council; Lancashire County Council; North Yorkshire Police; Cumbria Police; Lancashire Police; Land Access & Recreation Association; Trail Riders Fellowship; Yorkshire Dales Local Access Forum

Further information:  YDNPA;  

Cost over 5 years:  £300,000

Funding shortfall:   None

Related objectives:   A2; B1

Ecosystem services: Tranquillity; Recreation; Sense of history; Sense of place and inspiration

Trade-offs:  None

Baseline: 97% compliance with the Traffic Regulation Orders that were in place in the former National Park area

Progress: Maintenance programme undertaken. Data shows compliance with TROs.