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Bridge over Grisdale Beck Grade II Listed Building

A6 – Scheduled monuments & listed buildings

Help local people to restore, repair and – where possible – bring back into use nationally-important historical sites, buildings and structures so that less than 4% of scheduled monuments and listed buildings are considered ‘at risk’ by 2024.

How the local partners are doing on this objective

Progress: 10 Scheduled Monuments (3.4%) and 72 (3.4%) Listed Buildings are currently deemed to be at risk. Historic England have been informed of the completion of works to restore Smardale Kiln so that it can be taken off from the Heritage at Risk register for 2024/25.

Press Releases & related articles:

14 November 2023 – Westmorland monument saved

Rationale: Each scheduled monument (298) and listed building (2,128) is nationally important.  The number of scheduled monuments has increased by almost half as a result of the extension of the National Park boundary in 2016.  In 2017-18, 11 scheduled monuments (3.7%) and 75 listed buildings (3.5%) were assessed as being at risk.  Just maintaining those levels will be challenging, unless significant new funding can be found.

Lead partner:   Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority

Supporting partnersNatural England; Historic England; Settle-Carlisle Railway Development Company;

Further information:  YDNPA – Listed Buildings

Cost over 5 years:  £2,200,000

Funding shortfall: £1,200,000

Related objectives: A1; A5, A7, A8, A9; F5; F6

Ecosystem services: Sense of place and inspiration; Sense of history

Trade-offs:   Protecting archaeological sites can have impacts on the way that the  is managed for habitats (C1), wildlife (C2); water quality (C3), and tourism development (E2).  Restoring listed buildings can have implications for priority wildlife species – notably bats (C2).  These impacts are managed and mitigated through the policies set out in the Yorkshire Dales Local Plan

Baseline: 11 Scheduled monuments (3.7%) and 75 Listed buildings (3.5%) at risk (March 2018)

State of the Park‘ indicator – YES