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A5 – Historic Environment Record

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A5.    Use the Dales Countryside Museum and the Historic Environment Record to help local heritage groups to research, record and promote the stories of the National Park area, including completing the enhancement of the Historic Environment Record for the new area of the National Park by 2024. 

Rationale: The Historic Environment Record (HER) is an actively managed and dynamic record of the known historical environment.  The information it contains is used to inform conservation, development and land management programmes, and as a resource to both encourage greater understanding and public appreciation of the historic environment of the National Park.  The HER for the new area of the National Park is less comprehensive and would benefit from enhancement. This will improve it as a knowledge base for managing the historical environment, and target future research.

Lead partnerYorkshire Dales National Park Authority

Supporting partners:  Yorkshire Dales Historic Environment Group, Historic England

Further information:  Archaeology in the Yorkshire Dales; Dales Countryside Museum;

Cost over 5 years:        £200,000

Funding shortfall:         £50,000

Related objectives:      A1; A6; A7, A8, A9, E3, E4

Ecosystem services:   Sense of place and inspiration; Sense of history

Trade-offs:  None.  Information stored in the HER is used to inform decision-making.

Baseline: Extension area HER records as of 12/3/19: Monuments:6,978; Events:184; Sources:107

Progress: The Kettlewell water-wheel has been installed and the new textile gallery completed at the Dales Countryside Museum, and will be opened to the public in October. Work to enhance the HER is not due to start until 2021.