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Sheep and lambs at springtime, Wensleydale

National Park Management Plan

The New National Park Management Plan 2025 – 2030

The current National Park Management Plan

The National Park Management Plan is the most important document for the Yorkshire Dales National Park. It is a five-year work programme which is produced and monitored by a partnership of local organisations that operate across the area.

The Yorkshire Dales National Park Management Plan 2019-24 contains 49 specific objectives that we are working together to achieve now. An ambitious vision for what the National Park will be like by 2040, together with setting out what they are going to do to help encourage local people to achieve the Plan’s ambitions.


How the local partners are doing
Achieved 20 On-course 16 Some progress 10 Little or no progress 3 Information not available 0

The objectives

Access further information below to learn about the Yorkshire Dales National Park and the Yorkshire Dales National Park Plan. Discover more about each of the 49 objectives and the progress made so far (A - F).