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Semer Water in Raydale Wendy McDonnell Photography

National Park Management Plan

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How are we doing?
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The National Park Management Plan is the most important document for the Yorkshire Dales National Park. It is a five-year work programme which is produced and monitored by a partnership of local organisations that operate across the area.

The Yorkshire Dales National Park Management Plan 2019-24 contains 49 specific objectives that we are working together to achieve now. An ambitious vision for what the National Park will be like by 2040, together with setting out what they are going to do to help encourage local people to achieve the Plan's ambitions.

It is the first Management Plan to cover the new western extension area, supporting projects such as the £3.5 million Westmorland Dales Landscape Partnership programme, now being funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

The Plan recognises that National Park purposes cannot be achieved without strong, self-reliant communities. So, alongside measures to tackle illegal persecution of birds of prey and create more woodland, it also includes objectives to support upland farming after Brexit, attract younger working age people into the area, improve connections to superfast broadband and build more affordable housing.

Our Vision

Through their passion for this special place, local people, businesses  and organisations will keep the Yorkshire Dales National Park a thriving area.  Its unique cultural landscape will be treasured for its stunning scenery, exceptional heritage and wonderful wildlife, and every year millions of people will be inspired to be a part of it.

By 2040, it will be:

  • A distinctive, living, working, cultural landscape that tells the ongoing story of generations of people interacting with their environment.
  • A friendly, open and welcoming place with outstanding opportunities to enjoy its special qualities.
  • Providing an outstanding range of benefits for the nation based on its natural resources, landscape and cultural heritage, which underpin a flourishing local economy.
  • Home to strong, self-reliant and balanced communities with good access to the services they need.

The objectives

In the rest of this section, you can find details of each of the 49 objectives and the progress made so far.

There are six objectives that are very ambitious, and do not yet have sufficient funding to implement them. These six are highlighted, one for each element of the Vision.  By putting them in the Plan, the partners have made a commitment to collectively seek and lobby for the necessary funding to deliver them.