Impact on communities and local economy

The impact of climate change on communities, their culture and the local economy are likely to be experienced in relation to housing, energy and water use, as well as changes to employment opportunities and access to isolated communities.

Potential climate change impacts include:

  • hotter summers and warmer winters affecting building design, with more demand for air conditioning and storm proofing measures for example;
  • changes to domestic water supply levels, with an increased need for winter water storage to balance summer water shortages;
  • changes to the characteristics of local economies – with more visitors in the summer, and more seasonal tourism patterns;
  • increasing potential for alternative energy sources to be viable – for example, through hydro and solar power schemes.

Our ‘Guide to Development for Sustainable Energy Production in the Yorkshire Dales National Park’ aims to inform future thinking and practice in relation to the adaptation of buildings to climate change. In addition, the Sustainable Development Fund is supporting small scale adaptation projects.