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Isabelle’s car stuck in floodwater in Coverdale (Copyright: Thomas Jones)

A weathered view

Wednesday 12 February, 2020, by Sarah Nicholson

As the rain turns to snow here in the Dales and Storm Dennis is reportedly hot on the heels of Ciara, we received this grand story of folk pulling together to help a person in need.

“I had a nerve-wracking experience when I got stuck in the flash floods on Sunday,” writes Isabelle Stead. “Yet I met some fantastic, selfless people when the locals of East Witton came to my aid.

“I was driving from Leeds to Carlton to visit my mum, but, just as I passed the Cover Bridge Inn, I underestimated a flooded area and my car broke down in the middle.

“The river had burst, and water was coming down through the fields. It happened so quickly as the water rose to 1.25 metres. I had no phone reception and no waterproofs, so had to evacuate with the water already halfway up the door.

“I waded through the flood waters towards a young man called Jamie who said he was from the Inn and would ask the farmer to help. I gave him my car key and went into the pub where his mum – landlady Anne – gave me dry clothes and a cup of tea (Yorkshire, I’m presuming!).

“In the pub was another man from Thirsk that had also got stuck before me. Landlord Nick was great – he kept putting logs on the fire to dry us out. Beth, their daughter, loaned me her wellies.

“Sam, a local lad with a tractor, pulled my car out, with Jamie guiding. 

“They were all absolutely brilliant.

“I called my mum to let her know I could no longer visit. Nevertheless, mum and her next-door neighbour Pete (a Cover Bridge Inn regular and former resident) braved the weather and came from Carlton to my aid, too. Pete fixed the car and guided me back to the A1 on less flooded roads.

“I cannot believe the kindness that strangers showed me and am so thankful that I broke down in that spot. I will be forever grateful to everyone that helped me that day, and I’m so sorry for any inconvenience I caused them. Their selfless act will have a lasting impact on me, and I can’t wait to revisit the Inn.

“Overall it turned into a beautiful experience”.

Isabelle’s story is a timely reminder to expect the unexpected, especially in the Dales! With snow in the mix now, do check forecasts and heed any warnings. And think twice about setting out if you don’t absolutely have to.

After all, there will always be a cosy local inn to welcome you and keep you warm, inside and out…

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Picture of Sarah Nicholson

Sarah Nicholson

Sarah is our communicator in residence at the YDNPA


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