A farmer and his dairy cows

Monday 23 July, 2018, by Karen Griffiths

The northern dairy shorthorn was the premier cow for milking in Wensleydale up until the 1960s when the black and white Friesian began to take its place with its superior milk-producing capabilities.
We’ve seen this changeover illustrated in the following series of photographs sent to us  by Janina Holubecki, showing her great grandfather Joseph Hopper (1859-1949) and grandfather Redvers Hopper (1900-1970) both of whom farmed at Yorescott near Bainbridge. We’ve blogged about Redver’s wife Margaret in an earlier post ‘Margaret Hopper nee Moncrieff.’

The earliest three photographs date to the 1920s she believes.

Joseph Hopper. Courtesy of Janina Holubecki

Northern Dairy Shorthorn bull at Yorescott. Courtesy of Janina Holubecki

Joseph Hopper and dairy shorthorn cow. Courtesy of Janina Holubecki

This next photo is later and of Joseph’s son Redvers Hopper with his cows – it’s a credit to the docile nature of the dairy shorthorn that he could safely approach a young calf with the mother standing by.

Redvers Hopper with his dairy shorthorn cows. Courtesy of Janina Holubecki

The last photograph dates sometime towards the end of Redvers Hopper’s farming career in the 1960s by which time the dairy shorthorns his father was so proud of have gone and the calf he is showing off is a Friesian.

Redvers Hopper and Friesian calf. Courtesy of Janina Holubecki

Janina has now sent along a copy of the sale notice for her grandfather’s farm when he retired in 1965 and it shows that even then he still had dairy shorthorns alongside the Friesians.

Courtesy of Janina Holubecki

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  1. Kaye Kent says:

    Hi, I’m doing some research for a project I am working on about farming in the Dales in the 1930’s. I am looking for reference images like this fro that time which show any aspects of Dales farming – particularly any photographs which might show what fencing was used at the time (ie. wire?) and also hay bales – how they were tied and stacked. Please can you help with any information about this?

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