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Dales Volunteer, Nick Berry

Volunteering with the Yorkshire Dales National Park is fun, responsible and rewarding. I can still say that after 15 years or so of being a Dales Volunteer, both while I was in full-time employment and now in active retirement. I enjoy the activities I have undertaken with YDNPA, including surveying and maintaining footpaths, patrol duties of popular walking routes, upland landscaping of footpaths, replacing stiles, walling, leading guided walks and talking to visitors and residents. The range of duties Dales Volunteers undertake is appreciated, and so is your commitment, by many visitors, residents and the staff of the Authority, whom we support.
In recent years I have taken on responsibility for co-ordination of the SW Team of Dales Volunteers and as a consequence of that, I am offering a contribution to the development of the Dales Volunteer service for the future. Dales Volunteers make a difference and they are great to work with and I encourage you to think about joining us, you may enjoy the opportunities presented by volunteering in this special place, the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

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