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National Park Management Plan

The National Park Management Plan is the single most important document for the Yorkshire Dales National Park. 

It is a plan for the National Park - its communities, businesses, visitors and the many organisations that operate there.

It sets out the vision, strategic policies and outcomes for the National Park over the long term and guides the delivery of National Park purposes.

Who wrote it?

A group of 14 organisations with responsibilities for looking after the National Park developed the Management Plan.

Detailed strategies

The National Park Management Plan is supported by a number of more detailed strategies for particular aspects of the National Park, for example:

  • biodiversity
  • historic environment
  • woodland
  • integrated access
  • education
  • interpretation

More information

To download the Plan and find out about the progress that is being made towards achieving the Plan's vision for the Yorkshire Dales, visit the National Park Management Plan website at

Management Plan

The Yorkshire Dales National Park Management Plan is the overarching document for the National Park setting out the kind of place we all want it to be