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Western dales and valleys

The western Yorkshire Dales can be lush and green or steep-sided and wild. All are great places to explore.


Dentdale is a heavenly valley with Dent village at its heart. Enjoy its riverside walks, the UK's highest mainline railway station and quiet roads.


Garsdale links the market town of Sedbergh and Wensleydale. The River Clough and the road criss-cross each other as they climb the steep sided valley.

Lune Valley

The River Lune starts in the northern Howgills before turning south. Its wide lush green valley separates the Yorkshire Dales and Lake District.

Mallerstang and Eden Valley

A wild and remote valley in the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

Rawthey Valley

The Rawthey valley runs down the eastern sides of the Howgills. The grassy slopes of the hills descend steeply into the wooded valley.