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Overhead power lines

Together with utilities companies we are working to reduce the impact on the landscape of overhead lines and associated equipment, including putting at least another 10km of existing power lines underground by 2018.

The National Park Authority works in partnership with Electricity North West and Northern Powergrid to identify schemes to underground intrusive overhead electricity wires.

This forms part of a scheme called Undergrounding for Visual Amenity (UVA) funded by the industry regulator Ofgem.

Between 2015 and 2023 over £3.2m will be invested in this scheme which will see around 15km of harmful overhead wires undergrounded.

Overhead lines removed

There have already been a number of successful schemes in recent years, which has seen over 10km of overhead line removed:

  • Malham Tarn – Streets
  • Dent Station – Cowgill
  • Grimwith – Stump Cross
  • Deepdale - Beckermonds

We always welcome suggestions of future schemes for consideration. Please send any suggestions to


A landscape of striking contrasts between the deep, sheltered dales and the open, exposed, sweeping moors above. See what we are doing to look after it.


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